Tools and Tips

Moving is one of the most stressful life choices you may ever have to face. VIP Investments Inc./ 5 Star Relocation is dedicated to making the process easier by providing you with resources reflecting our many years of moving experience and expert advice.

Moving Supplies

Don’t know what is needed for your move? Our moving supply list will guide you on what you need.

Packing Tips

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when packing your belongings. These packing tips will help make the process a little easier.

Moving Glossary

Moving terms can be hard to understand. Our glossary will help guide you through basic moving terminology.

Moving FAQ's

Have questions about the moving process? Search through our FAQs or just browse our different categories for answers to common questions.


Standard of Service

why choose VIP Investments Inc./ 5 Star Relocation


Our Value Protection is included upfront in every estimate, and it’s easy to understand. Protecting your personal belongings during your move is as important to us as it is to

Storage Services
Storage Services

Our relocation services include 30 DAYS of FREE storage. Our storage facilities are ready to keep your belongings tucked safely away while you’re traveling or waiting to move in.

Packing & Unpacking
Packing & Unpacking

We can tailor our packing services to fit your timeline, your budget.. Choose the level of service that’s right for your move. We’ll handle the basics and as much packing


Pick up and delivery service consists of loading, transporting and unloading of single items or large quantities of items. Rates may be determined by the weight and volume of your

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